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What advanced technology is used in mechanical palletizing machines?

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The palletizer is developed from a conventional mechanical palletizer to a robot palletizer, and the applications and effects are ideal. Mainly because the robot palletizing machine work ability is obvious to all, be regarded as different goods palletizing, de-stacking work can be successfully completed; and equipment use, maintenance is relatively simple.

Robot palletizing machine is a kind of equipment which can realize various functions by its own power and control ability. This control can effectively control the equipment in the work space in the movement of the position, attitude and track, the order of operation and the operation of the time and so on.
Not only the above points, the mechanical palletizer used in the fault diagnosis and safety maintenance technology, are the technical means to protect the safety of equipment. Can be a variety of information feedback, the robot fault diagnosis, make the appropriate maintenance measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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